Friday, July 3, 2009

New Signed Books From The Poisoned Pen

Hurwitz, Gregg. Trust No One (St Martins $27 Signed)

To add to Barbara's rave, here's one from David Baldacci:

"Hurwitz deservedly takes his place at the forefront of suspense writers. His action scenes are juggernauts, his language fluid and original, the twists not only plentiful but plausible, which, to borrow from Twain, is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. And Hurwitz's succinct dialogue still jabs with the speed of an MP5 on full auto. I guarantee that once you read the first page of this terrific novel, your hands will keep ripping pages until there are none left, leaving your nerves jan
gled and your brain cells melted from trying to figure it all out."

Iles, Greg. The Devil's Punchbowl (Scribner $27 Signed here July 13)

Penn Cage, who once as a Houston prosecutor sent killers to Death Row, appeared earlier in two Iles' novels: The Quiet Game and Turning Angel ($7.99 each). Penn returned home to Natchez and, as mayor, was urged by old friends to try to give the fading jewel of the Old South a renaissance. Penn rode into office on a tide of support for change. The quest for new jobs and fresh money spelled casinos, and now, and now five fantastical steamboats float on the river beside the old slave market at Natchez like props from Gone With the Wind. One, the Magnolia Queen, is rumored to have tapped into a Michael Vick scenario-blood sport-to pull in the celebrity athletes, rap stars, and Vegas high rollers to this Mississippi backwater on sleek private jets that slip in and out of town like whispers in the night. Penn realizes that he's helped create a monster...with monsters. What now?

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