Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sex Scenes Late at Night with Diana Gabaldon

Gabaldon read from her forthcoming Outlander novel Echo in the Bone (see Sept. 22 events at and earlier work. Customers were expected to wear their best lingerie, we provided the chocolates.

Check our calendar for September 22, the Launch Party for Echo in the Bone at the Arizona Biltmore Grand Ballroom, 6 pm. Tickets are required, they are free with the purchase of Echo in the Bone from The Poisoned Pen. A ticket permits the purchase of one Companion Ticket at $2.00.

One more clip of Diana reading from An Echo in the Bone. Probably not appropriate for kids...depending on your opinon.

You can, of course, pre-order copies of An Echo in the Bone by calling The Poisoned Pen at 1-888-560-9919

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