Friday, August 21, 2009

More Books Just In

Borg, Todd. Tahoe Night (Thriller $17 Signed).

tahoeI wrote this up for you before but the proud author has sent me this sterling review from Library Journal:

"In his seventh adventure (after Tahoe Avalanche and the Ben Franklin Award-winning Tahoe Silence), Owen McKenna is asked to protect former TV talk-show host Leah Printner from a stalker but finds this task more difficult than he first thought it would be. Leah had lost her husband and half of her face in a devastating auto accident; so why is she now being pursued by a murderous stalker?

VERDICT Borg has written another white-knuckle thriller set in California's beautiful Lake Tahoe region. A sure bet for mystery buffs waiting for the next Robert B. Parker and Lee Child novels."

We stock all of Borg's books ($17 each trade paperback originals).

Elias, Gerald. Devil's Trill (St Martins $25 Signed Sept. 5).

A trillcat-and-mouse game springs from the theft of a priceless violin from Carnegie Hall in this debut by Tucson concert violinist and symphony master (Utah) Elias. Daniel Jacobus is a blind, disappointed, reclusive, very vulgar violin teacher living in self-imposed exile in rural New England. He is drawn back into the competitive world of classic performance when he elects to attend this year's Grimsley Competition at Carnegie Hall, run by the ruthless Musical Arts Project, or MAP, which ruthlessly exploits the anointed prodigies who win. The Grimsley victor is granted the honor of playing the "Piccolino" Stradivarius, a uniquely dazzling, three-quarter size instrument that has brought misfortune to all who possessed it over the centuries since the Duchess and the dwarf violinist first owning it were murdered. The Piccolino is stolen at the winner's reception-and Jacobus, who has tried to destroy it, is the suspect. With the help of an old colleague and his new student, Yumi Shinagawa, Jacobus sets out to rid the world of MAP, retrieve the Piccolino,and prove his innocence. This far-ranging novel takes you to unexpected places and furnishes a real education in aspects of the music world that will surprise you.

Ferrigno, Robert. Heart of the Assassin (Scribner $28 Signed).

heartSet in a future American divided into two major regions, Edgar-finalist Ferrigno nicely ties up the wildly diverse plot lines that have motivated his many characters. NY, DC, and Mecca have all been nuked by the Old One, a 150-year-old fanatic trying to become the Muslim messiah who will lead a new caliphate. The only person who can stop him is Rakkim Epps, a fedayeen warrior whose historian wife, Sarah, is masterminding an effort to unite America by finding a piece of the true cross, buried somewhere in the D.C. nuclear hot zone. One can read this volume as a stand-alone, but to enjoy the vast breadth of what is truly a remarkable achievement, one should start with book one in the trilogy, Prayers for the Assassin, then Sins of the Assassin ($7.99 each), nominated for the 2009 Edgar Allan Poe Award.

Konrath, JA. Cherry Bomb (Hyperion $26 Signed).

cherryAt the close of 2008's Fuzzy Navel ($7.99),
one of Chicago PD Lt. Jacqueline Daniels's loved ones is dead. But who? So we open with a funeral. While Jack stands graveside, tears in her eyes, her cell phone rings. It's the killer, taunting Jack, drawing her even further into a twisted game of cat and mouse....

Reichs, Kathy. 206 Bones (Scribner $27 Signed Sept. 1 at CSI: Phoenix).

bonesDr. Tempe Brennan returns to consciousness in a very dark, very cold small space, bound hands to feet...She's been entombed. And the American city we're in here is not Charlotte but Chicago, Tempe's home as a small child. She and Lt. Ryan of the Surete de Quebec had accompanied the recently discovered remains of a missing heiress all the way from Montreal to the Chicago morgue-where Tempe is suddenly accused of mishandling the autopsy-and the case. How likely is that? But who has whacked Tempe and buried her, and even if she remembers, what can she do about it all trussed up underground?

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