Monday, August 10, 2009

A Sudden Shot - The Phoenix Serial Shooter

From the back cover of Camille Kimball's novel:

"During a brutally hot summer in Phoenix, Arizona, the unimaginable happened: the city fell victim to one of the most publicized serial killing sprees in history. But this was only the beginning. Often using shotguns with buckshot, Dale Hausner and Sam Dieteman tormented the city for an entire year. From their Toyota Camry, they took aim at men and women, whit and black, Latino and Indian, homeless and rich-even horses and dogs.

With no evidence and no apparent motive, the police were confounded-until on detective, a former military man with a fondness for animals, began to put the pieces together. As the bodies continued to pile up in Phoenix and its neighboring towns, Detective Cliff Jewell brought together police departments from across city limits fo finally nail the snipers who had descended upon rural pastures and tony suburbs-and who seemingly had an appetite for everything and everyone in their path."

This paperback original is to be released on the 1st of September. For all interested in attending the event, there are tickets. Click here to reserve a book. Or, here to find out more.

It will be at the Arizona Biltmore, NOT The Poisoned Pen.

Tickets for this event are $2.

In addition, the author and subject of another true crime novel Murder for Hire, Phoenix officer Jack Ballentine will be talking about his new book.

Last, and surely not least, Kathy Reichs will also be talking about her latest 206 Bones.

This should be an awesome event which we has been dubbed CSI Phoenix.

From the initial response, it sounds like a huge portion of the Phoenix PD will also be in attendance. Just today, the main Phoenix Detective Cliff Jewell, who pieced together the Phoenix Serial Case, popped into the store today to scope out the joint and of course, I took a photo. I believe he will be at the signing as well, although you can't hold me to it.

If you would like to do a little catching up on the case in question, there is a Wikipedia article, an article from the AZ Republic as well as many others.

On a brief side note: A cool reference tool in this case is to check out is Google's News Archive Search. Just a search of Hausner and Dieteman brought up a little time line showing how often they were written about in a given set of years. Attached is an image below.

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  1. Awesome, what an interesting article.
    I'm going to the CSI event for sure!