Tuesday, December 11, 2007

T is for Trespass

Grafton was very nice and the event went very well despite the rain... Fans turned out and each met Sue one on one. She is phenomenal at what she does. I have seen/met/worked with many successful people such as authors, musicians, and athletes and have never met or watched a better success in action. She is down to earth, interested, kind and amazingly efficient(and deft) when it comes to the signing of books. With her record holding at 3,240 books in 7:05 minutes. (That's without a break) No one better deserves the success.
There was also cake for those who came. (and those of us who worked) On a side note, Sue did mention that considering the alphabet gimmick she has undertaken, she fears Evanovich might be getting into to more then she is aware of.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Nervously approaching the task of writing this thing...I've decided to just stick to the basics.
The Poisoned Fiction Review will mainly focus on Poisoned Pen's events, author visits, and general Poisoned Pen news. It will also branch out into lit reviews, lit itself, author antics and who knows what else.
My main motive in creating this blog is to get to know the community of readers and writers in the Phoenix area while simultaneously generating something entertaining and worth reading.
Opinions are welcome here, and hopefully they'll soften all the 90 degree corners so prevalent here in the city in which we live. (and love...)
If you're curious about events, signings, authors, or anything at all, contact me. (will@poisonedpen.com)
We're also on Myspace at www.myspace.com/AZpoisonedpen and link to many authors who have come into the bookstore.
The same goes for Facebook, which is unfolding as well. Search for us typing "poisoned pen" into the Facebook search engine. We're there...
Lastly, you can find interviews of most visiting authors on YouTube at http://youtube.com/user/authorinterviews.
For starters, Dave Barry's was interviewed and can be seen in the player below.