Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Signed Books From the Poisoned Pen

Stanley, Michael. The Second Death of Goodluck Timubu ($28)

secondRating a *Starred Review* from Booklist

"Deceptively dangerous Assistant Superintendent Kubu stars in a brilliant sequel to last year's Carrion Death. When two guests turn up dead at tourist camp, Kubu crosses Botswana to investigate. The case seems likely to link back to the Zimbabwe civil war, as fingerprint records show the dead man on the casualty lists of a 1980 farm raid. Stanley (the pseudonym for the writing team of Michael Sears and Stanley Trollop) is not content with a single plot line, effectively juggling the murders with cross-border drug smuggling and the circumstances surrounding an upcoming African Union meeting. Kubu, a dedicated gourmand, is just one of many fully fleshed and charmingly realistic characters. From slightly annoying sister-in-law Peasant to Kubu's intense and acerbic boss Mabuku to Scottish pathologist MacGregor, each character is memorable and adds depth to this tense and involving police procedural. Suggest to fans of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, who will appreciate Kubu's laid-back style and happy home life, and to Henning Mankell fans, who will respond to the complex plots and palpable sense of place." --Jessica Moyer , Booklist. Start with A Carrion Death ($15)

Tremayne, Peter. The Dove of Death ($45 Headline) Signed

doveThe gripping new novel in the internationally renowned Sister Fidelma crime series by Peter Tremayne.

AD 670. An Irish merchant ship is attacked by a pirate vessel off the coast of the Breton peninsular. Murchad, the captain, and a prince from the kingdom of Muman, are killed in cold blood after they have surrendered. Among the other passengers who manage to escape the slaughter are Sister Fidelma of Cashel and her faithful companion, Brother Eadulf. The prince was Fidelma's cousin and she is determined to bring the killers to justice...

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