Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Missing Mark by Julie Kramer Signed

From Karen:

Kramer, Julie. Missing Mark.

It might be hard to believe that spirited investigative reporter, Riley Spartz, can multi-task on stories involving a missing bride groom combined with an obscure disorder, the Minnesota fishing culture, a meth cartel connected to a perpetual garage sale, while maintaining her sense of humor and equilibrium -- OK, the last part is shaky from time to time, but works, in the end. This second outing of Riley, first introduced in Stalking Susan, is presented without nasty language or graphic scenes. It's funny, fast paced, intelligent, and leaks some insight into the media frenzy that keep us glued to the latest national/international drama.

Don't miss the visit on June 28th, at the Poisoned Pen, with this smart, witty, intelligent author, who knows her stuff and presents it with an irresistible charm.

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