Monday, July 6, 2009

AS IF BY MAGIC by Dolores Gordon-Smith

AS IF BY MAGIC by Dolores Gordon-Smith

George Lassiter is destitute, ill and desperate. Desperate enough to break into the kitchen of a stranger's house seeking shelter. And there, on that bitterly cold night, he witnesses what seems to be the murder of a beautiful girl. But when the police search the house, the body's disappeared - as if by magic.

It has to be nothing but a nightmare, thinks George and so does his friend and rescuer, Jack Haldean. However, the consequences of the nightmare will plunge George into a a tangle of theft, lies and obsession... and will set Jack off on the hunt for a ruthless killer.

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  1. He tells the cops what he believes happened inside the house, but they find no evidence of a homicide. Private investigator Jack Haldean learns of his WWI flying mate's problems and goes to get him out of jail. George explains to Jack what he heard, why he was in the house and who owns it. Jack believes George that a murder probably occurred and that he was cheated by an impostor out of his inheritance. Jack investigates and learns the owners of the house are relatives of George who probably abetted the con artist who stole his bequest. Jack begins to piece together something more horrifying as an apparent serial killer is the loose while London remains ignorant.