Thursday, May 7, 2009


Evelyn David . Murder Takes the Cake (Echelon $14).

Rosemary Harris - author of Pushing Up Daisies ($6.99), says
"What do a sexy mortician, a feisty septuagenarian with a souped-up scooter, and an Irish wolfhound with a nose for murder have in common? They're all helping Washington DC PI Mac Sullivan find out who's trying to kill a very nervous bride-to-be. Smart, fast and laugh-out-loud funny, Murder Takes the Cake is another tasty treat from Evelyn David who takes readers on a merry chase from a turkey farm in Virginia all the way to Capitol Hill. And JJ, a goth computer expert, is one of the coolest characters I've met in years!"

or Meet the cast first in David's Murder Off the Books (Echelon $13).

"One howling good whodunit, and a terrific debut. MURDER OFF THE BOOKS offers a plot as twisty and fast as an Irish Wolfhound. Whiskey joins the ranks of beloved four-footed sleuths. Great fun!" -Julia Spencer-Fleming, Edgar finalist and author of All Mortal Flesh

"A fast-paced mystery with a lively and indomitable heroine, a tough-guy hero, and a lovable dog." - JoAnna Carl, author of The Chocolate Bridal Bash

"Evelyn David's quirky sense of humor sparkles on every page. Murder Off The Books is a clever, witty romp with plenty of twists and surprises. A laudable debut." - Kathryn R. Wall, author, Bishop's Reach

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