Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Travel Writing by Peter. Ferry

Ferry, Travel Writing ($26 Signed)

"The protagonist in Peter Ferry's winning first novel is named Peter Ferry. Ferry the novelist teaches high school in a Chicago suburb and writes travel pieces. Ditto his fictional double. As if this isn't arch enoutravelgh, Ferry has Peter's writing students critique the unfolding story. But Ferry's prose is so entrancing, his mild-mannered yet covertly audacious hero is so compelling, there is nothing intrusive or pretentious about this metafiction setup. In fact, it adds to the mystery and charm. It all begins in winter when Peter makes eye contact with an obviously intoxicated woman just before she crashes her car and dies. Peter cannot put this behind him. He learns that her name was Lisa Kim. He goes to her funeral, meets her family and friends, and becomes convinced that her death was no accident. As Peter pursues a clever, if risky, amateur investigation, Ferry interjects Peter's uproariously funny and shrewdly caustic travel pieces set in Mexico, Thailand, and the wilds of Ontario. In all, a mordantly funny and diabolically smart novel of happenstance and responsibility. "
--Donna Seaman Booklist

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