Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lea Says, "Don't Miss This Great Book!"

Ryan, Andie. Shakedown ($24 Signed)

What a great first novel! Have you ever tried to understand the financial shenanigans of some of the giants of the industry? Wish you could? Then read The Shakedown and get some answers. Wall Street's most highly respected financial giant is involved in a growing financial scandal.

Tom Hollister, Sledd Payne's public relations executive, is called upon to whitewash this, only to find himself involved in a murder conspiracy and an insidious fraud that could threaten the life savings of millions of investors and bring Sledd Payne to its knees.

Sound Familiar? Throw in a family in crisis, an aging call girl and a scheming executive and you're in for a page turner.

I couldn't put it down and I advise you to pick up a copy and hunker down for a good read!

Don't miss your chance to talk to this author on Thursday, June 11 at 7 pm as she signs and discusses her book.

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