Monday, May 25, 2009


Need a new source of reviews? We carry a number of fanzines bearing articles, reviews, news written by fans and authors. It's up to you to evaluate their quality which can vary as their contributors, many unpaid, come and go.

You might well prefer to subscribe to one or more directly. To alert you to some of the most visible, most of which accept advertising:

Issue 30 May/June 2009. Featured: John Connolly

Deadly Pleasures
Spring 2009. Featured: Peter Robinson, Edgar Award Nominations

Firsts, The Book Collector's Magazine
May 2009. The Literature of the Blues. Collecting Annie Proulx. Comfort Books (guilty pleasures, what's yours?). Books into film: Cannery Row

Mystery News
April/May 2009. Featured: John Sandford

Mystery Scene
Issue 109 Spring 2009. Featured: Laurie R. King

Mystery Readers Journal
Thematically organized each issue. Currently: Crime for the Holidays
Supports various reading groups with info.

The Strand
Articles and Short Fiction, covers nonfiction too

Some like The Armchair Detective and The Drood Review have folded, some fanzines are strictly virtual, as are blogs too innumerable to mention. Author websites also direct you to review media.

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