Friday, February 29, 2008

From Patrick

God’s Middle Finger
For his previous book, American Nomads, british journalist Richard Grant spent fifteen years wandering around the states, staying in one place no more than three weeks, capturing stories about such nomad cultures as carny workers, hoboes, senior citizen RVers and rodeo cowboys, etc.

Along the way, Grant became obsessed with the fabled land to the south, specifically the Sierra Madre Mountains, the notoriously wild and lawless range beginning just 20 miles south of the border. In this fascinating and whimsical travel memoir, Grant takes the reader into the lawless heart of Sierra and chronicles his own encounters with drug dealers, hired killers, Tarahumara Indians, and wandering outcasts of all kinds. A modern day Tocqueville with a death wish, Grant somehow manages to survive to tell his story, which is filled with lively anecdotal histories of the area's violent past, along with poetic descriptions of the Sierra's incomparable beauty. This book is an essential read for devotees of Southwestern history and anyone interested in real journalism with cojones.

Note: Richard Grant will be dropping in to sign copies of his books on April 1st. Reserve your copy now!

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