Monday, February 25, 2008

From Barbara

Pictures and my Glendale, Az, librarian Lesa's report on The Poisoned Pen event for Cornelia Read and Jacqueline Winspear are up on

Peter May, The Critic (Poisoned Pen $25 Signed).

May, a Scot who lives in France, began his Enzo MacLeod series with Extraordinary People ($15), first in a series of 7 cold cases written up by Parisian journalist Roger Raffin in a hit book. Unwisely betting his faculty at his university that he, a forensics star, could solve them all, Enzo chases a brutal killer around France and the Paris sewers. Much in the news and of special interest is the role that France's elite school ENA for training those who run the country plays in this thriller.

The Critic is set in French wine country: haunted chateaux, ancient vineyards, some bitter history. If you saw Ratatouille – and if you did not, rush out to rent the DVD – you know the power that a critic wields over the food industry, and now the wine. Think influential critic Robert Parker (not the Robert B Parker we know well in mystery) and how his opinion is so courted. And what happens if he makes a mistake (big scandal I haven't looked up but has been raging in the wine industry re faked collectible wine)? Or if say undue influence is brought into play

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