Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From Patricia

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Thanks for stopping by. Ever notice how the subject of the book you're reading comes up in your life or in the news at the time you're reading it?

Sandi Ault's Wild Inferno puts a reader on the burning edge of a fire scorching Pagosa Springs, Colorado. A missing Three Pueblos hotshot crew and the Native Americans, gathered up top near Chimney Rock for the once every 18 years lunar event, complicate government agent Jamaica Wild's assignment to keep these people safe while not violating their religious beliefs.
Her struggle to understand the Southern Ute culture and communicate with her live-in wolf was fascinating at the same time I was part of three-day clinic in Cave Creek, Arizona. Horseman Terry Wilson who taught the classes has a ranch in Pagosa. He kept getting cell phone calls that snow was falling so thick it would take a bulldozer if he wanted to see his barn again.

Or take a look at Martha Grimes' new Dakota. Andi Oliver, amnesia sufferer who took her name from the initials on her backpack, walks into a small town with the sad donkey she rescued on the road. She takes room and board with a stall for the donkey on a ranch that trains race horses. Determined must be her middle name. She claims to be an experienced rider but can't stay on a horse. She hires on at a pig breeding factory while she loathes everything about it.
The graphic descriptions of the pigs' fate are not fiction. This week's news confirms what Grimes put into a book spoken in such a different voice I wondered if she were born again as a writer with a firm grip on rural America.Books researched this well make me feel I'm learning while I'm being entertained.
Let me know if you've had that happen to you.

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