Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Blunt, Giles. No Such Creature
Tooling across the American Southwest in a giant Winnebago, spouting Shake
creaturespeare, Max and his nephew Owen seem slightly odd tourists. But no: old Max is a master thief and young Owen's summer vacation is his apprenticeship to a life of crime. These two Robin Hoods only rob Rich Republicans but then they run into a Vegas waitress in distress and The Subtractors-criminal bogeymen intent on ripping off other thieves-ride their tail....

Church, James. Bamboo and Blood
bamboog Inspector O "conveys the surreal conditions of modern-day life in North Korea," says the NY Times.

Set slightly earlier than Corpse in the Koryo ($14), during the frigid winter of 1997, O sees people dying of cold and famine. Why is he set to guard a mysterious foreigner who is, without precedent, allowed to wander into remote territory? "O's efforts to actually solve the crime lead to dangerous encounters with his country's special weapons program. While the espionage elements compel, the book's main strength, as with its predecessors, derives from the small details that enable the reader to imagine life in North Korea-and from O's struggles to maintain his principles and integrity."

Darwin, Emma. Secret Alchemy
alchemyTwo murdered princes; a powerful queen betrayed; a nobleman riding towards his certain death... The story of the Princes in the Tower has been one of the most fascinating - and most brutal - murder mysteries in history for more than 500 years. Some think the best tale of Richard III as murderer is told by Josephine Tey in her classic The Daughter of Time ($14). Authors like Sharon Kay Penman have had their say: The Sunne in Splendour ($18). Elizabeth Peters in Murders of Richard III Murders ($7.99).

Gattis, Mark. Black Butterfly
With Qu
butterflyeen Elizabeth II now seated on her throne, the elderly secret agent Lucifer Box, tall, dark, and like a shark, is reaching the end of his scandalous career. But he can't pass one last case. Why have pillars of the Establishment started dying in bizarrely reckless accidents? Who are the deadly pay-masters of enigmatic assassin Kingdom Kum? And who or what is the mysterious Black Butterfly? From the seedy streets of Soho to the souks of Istanbul and the sun-drenched shores of Jamaica, Box wields his artistic license to kill. The Devil in Amber ($15 Signed

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