Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Photos From Clive Cussler Event

Hello Everyone! We thank you for coming to see Clive, Dirk and Roland. This is the first time we have tried doing a photo album, and that being the case, everything has not gone quite as planned. The number you were given in the store is not accurate so I would advise you search according to where you think you were in-line. The first photos are of the first in line and the last are of the last. Still, it may take a little browsing.
A last not-good note must be said: If your photo was blurry beyond all recognition it hasn't been uploaded and we apologize for this. Seeing as it's been a trial run, please bear with us in learning and forgive our mistake if your picture is not up. This is ALL of them, so if it is not here, it isn't available.
Thank you again for coming and spending an evening with the authors and ourselves, it was a great success!
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