Monday, November 24, 2008

We Have The Perfect Gift.

Hurry, hurry, get your triple- signed Cussler here!

We have fist edition triple-signed (Both authors, Clive and Dirk and the illustrator,
Roland Dahlgren came in to sign) copies of the 20th Dirk Pitt thriller Arctic Drift (Putnam $27 ), a timely look at the doomed Franklin Expedition to the Arctic interwoven with the modern Green Movement and a villain fomenting a war between the US and Canada. Anyone who's ever cruised the Inside Passage to Alaska will be glad this is just fiction!

Important note to mail order customers: please order your book by Thursday November 18! Since November 25 is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we will not be able to put books signed the 25th into shipping until the following Monday as neither UPS nor FedEx picks up shipping on Wednesday. Therefore, Clive and Dirk and illustrator Dahlgren are going to sign the mail order in advance so we can get your books out to you on Tuesday the 25th and you won't have to wait an extra week.

Obviously if you miss the deadline and order over the weekend up to the 25th, you will still get your order, but it will arrive in December.

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