Monday, November 10, 2008

Bernard Cornwell's Azincourt Signed

If you are a history lover like our young Will, then I'm happy to tell you that Bernard Cornwell's new book Azincourt has just arrived!

No one understands the experience of the common soldier better than Bernard. The word AGINCOURT echoes still for us today. It was one of the greatest English victories ever. (On October 25th 1415, St Crispin's Day) The few, the yeomen of England, triumphed over their adversaries.

It is a true story that Bernard Cornwell has long wanted to write. It is hard to imagine a better storyteller to bring such an amazing time to life. The characters are all based in fact and the heroes are the English longbowmen, the backbone of Henry V's army, his secret weapon. But the single, strongest character, is a champion of tournaments, and yet is imprisoned for marrying a forbidden woman.
He becomes a great warrior.

`Azincourt', the name of the place where the battle happened and its name in England for some centuries afterwards, is an outstanding and powerful novel. Full of detail of the countryside, of the torrential rain and mud, of the sickness among the soldiers and their fear of the overwhelming enemy facing them, the story depicts completely the courage, the stoicism, the sheer bloody-mindedness of the fighting man.

I hope you enjoy this magnificent achievement.

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