Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The new book by Jeffery Deaver

Bodies Left Behind the new book by Jeffery Deaver (Jeffery will be at our store on November 11 to sign)

Into the woods. It's the stuff of fairy tales (scary). And of recent thrillers. Here we're in the Wisconsin version, near isolated resort Lake Mondac. What looks like a home invasion becomes a murder scene as two masked intruders take out a lawyer and her husband, a social worker. Cop Brynn McKenzie doing what looks like a routine check of a cut-off 911 call finds herself swept into the situation, spending time in the woods with Michelle, a friend visiting the slain couple who escaped the mayhem. This being Deaver, nothing is as it seems and the trademark twist is pretty nifty. I really enjoyed it. A good gift for someone who hasn't read Deaver as it's a standalone (with some series potential).

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