Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving From The Poisoned Pen

We hope your weekend is filled with fun, good food and even better company as we all consider our blessing and look to the coming year. Who can't resist a holiday mystery? Here are a few to curl up with:

Murder Talks Turkey by Debra M Baker
It's finally spring in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and the locals have only one thing on their minds - the turkey-hunting opener. But for sheer adrenaline value, not even turkey season can compete with the local Credit Union getting held up at gunpoint. Committing a robbery in a town where everyone is armed for combat is not the smartest thing to do, and the gunman is shot dead right there in the Stonely Credit Union lobby. The only problem is, in a room full of witnesses, the stolen money has mysteriously vanished. Faster than you can say 'Tom Turkey,' Gertie, Cora Mae, and Kitty are on the case in this hoot of a whodunit.
Readers will gobble up this McKenzie Farm mystery. Veterinarian Austin McKenzie has met plenty of snakes-and none meaner than turkey farmer Lewis O'Leary. So it's no surprise when O'Leary's dead body is found in a dumpster. Circumstantial evidence points to a turkey feed salesman, but the doc has a feeling the guy was framed.

Cat Who Talked Turkey by Lilian Jackson Braun
It's almost time for the gala groundbreaking for the Pickax bookstore--and the town of Brrr is preparing for its bicentennial celebration. All the festivities, however, are spoiled by the discovery of a man's body on James Qwilleran's property. Could it be the work of the killer who used the same methods in northern Michigan? To solve the case, Qwill and his feline pals, Koko and Yum Yum, will have to prick up their ears and determine who committed this foul deed,

Turkey Flambe by Nancy Fairbanks

Food writer Carolyn Blue's book launch goes up in smoke when her turkey flambe results in two flaming birds getting tossed out the window-leading to a young woman's death. Now it's up to Carolyn to restore her reputation and find out who sabotaged her poultry party. And she thought flambeing was hard...

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