Friday, November 14, 2008

New Signed Books From The Poisoned Pen

Paul Charles, The Beautiful Sound of Silence
An annual Halloween Bonfire goes horribly wrong when a body is spotted in the middle of the fire's glowing timbers. Identifiable only through his dental records, the victim is retired police Superintendent David Peters, an ex-colleague of DI Christy Kennedy. As Kennedy and his team settle down to a painstaking search through Peters' cases, they soon discover that for the superintendent the means justified the end in solving them, and each case they review throws up another suspect. Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy muses on life, love and murder suspects."" Kirkus Reviews ""One of the strongest in an impressive series. . . Veterans and newcomers alike will appreciate the smart writing and ingenious planting of clues."" Publishers Weekly

Michael Pearce, A Dead Man in Barcelona

Barcelona, 1912-a city still recovering from the dramatic incidents of the so-called "Tragic Week" when Catalonian conscripts bound for the unpopular war in Spanish Morocco had rebelled at the city's dockside against the royalist forces. In the fighting, many were killed, and afterward, even more imprisoned, including an Englishman, who was later found dead in his cell.

The dead man had been a prominent businessman in Gibraltar, so what was he doing in Barcelona? And how did he really meet his end-murdered, in a prison cell? The case, in Gibraltar's view, cries out for investigation-and by someone independent of the Spanish authorities. So Scotland Yard dispatches Seymour of the Special Branch.

David Roberts, No More Dying, the eighth mysteries featuring Lord Corinth and Verity Browne.

February, 1939. Edward and Verity are invited to Clivenden in Buckinghamshire, renowned as the headquarters of those prepared to go to any lengths to avert war. Murder stalks the formal gardens as private and public passions come to a climax.

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