Monday, June 2, 2008

The Name is Bond...James Bond

Faulks, Sebastian. Devil May Care (Doubleday May). To be released worldwide on Ian Fleming’s birthday, May 28, this new Bond is set in the cold war, picking up where Fleming left off in 1966 with Octopussy and The Living Daylights. "Faulks, writing as Ian Fleming, features all the glamour, thrills, and excitement that one would expect from any adventure involving Bond."

Silver, Mitch. In Secret Service. As the Ian Fleming Centenary rolls, here is a debut bringing his world to life. A young woman, Amy Greenberg, an American academic, inherits a long-lost manuscript documenting scandals surrounding the British Royals during WWII and has to run for her life. Real characters like Churchill, the Windsors, FDR, and Anthony Blunt, illustrations of the documents Fleming uses to document his claims, form history inside a modern thriller.

Westbrook, Kate. Moneypenny Diaries (St Martins). The forever Bond girl, Miss Jane Moneypenny, the colleague and confidante of James Bond, led an extraordinary life of espionage and adventure. The price was high—and she details it all here in a diary that breaches all the rules of the game by existing. But then it was "Intended for Her Eyes Only."

And dont miss Stella R Rimington, well timed for the 100th birthday year of Ian Fleming, as she visits the store in July to sign Illegal Action (Knopf).
Stella is the woman on whom Judi Dench modeled the new Bond M and she has written three thrillers based on her career in MI5 with Liz Carlyle, all terrific, all looking at internal security in Britain including the Irish question and here, the problem of Russian oligarchs under threat in London. Think the Litvenko case.

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