Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jeffery Deaver's Broken Window

Are you looking for a spooky read? Try Jeffery Deaver's Broken Window the latest Lincoln Rhyme novel and enter the world of identity fraud where a company with files on over four hundred million people can predict what a subject will do before the subject himself knows.

To read an interview click Here

Jeffery was also at Sunrise Mountain Library in Peoria. Lesa Holstine has posted a lovely account of the afternoon.

Or if you are looking for lighter fair we just got copies of Bones in the Belfry by Suzette A Hill. ($42UK $25US)
When Francis Oughterard, the contented vicar of Molehill, accidentally strangles a lady parishioner, a sleazy art dealer gives him an alibi. Of course he is called on to pay the price by storing stolen paintings in the church belfry. The intrigue mounts as hapless F.O. bumbles through confrontations. Maurice and Bouncer each contribute their version of events in this quirky read.

Or visit nineteenth-century Oxford inThe Ingenious Edgar Jones by Elizabeth Garner ($17). "A delightful read. Almost an elongated fairy tale. It could almost be prefaced by ‘Once upon a time, a long time ago…..’ The author gives us unusually gifted Edgar and his parents living in Oxford. His father is a strict and god fearing man trying to do his best for his son but not succeeding. Edgar, young, impulsive, and misunderstood gets embroiled with the creative use of decorative iron and other inventions. The Oxford University professor who uses his talents for his own ends also ultimately fails Edgar. Edgar is unfailingly resilient however much the odds are stacked against him. The ending is quirky and made me smile. Possibly leaving room for a sequel?
Garner has a flowing, heavily descriptive style. It keeps you engrossed. Delightful escapism in a modern novel and one to be recommended."

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