Monday, November 4, 2013

Arizona Historical Novel Society News

Upcoming Dates:

book cover image Teatime for the Firefly by Shona Patel Poisoned Pen  February 8, 1-4 pm Shona Patel, a visual presentation on the historical backdrop of her novel Teatime for the Firefly, set in India on the Assam tea plantations.

book cover image Woman at the Well by Ann Chamberlin Poisoned PenApril 5, 1-4 pm Ann Chamberlin on a history of sex and contraception. Ann writes about the ancient Middle East, early Islam, the Ottoman Empire and Merlin. Her two most recent books are Woman at the Well and The Sword of God. 

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Wrap Up of November Meeting:

book cover image Shadow on the Crown Patricia Bracewell Poisoned Pen Our November meeting featured Patricia Bracewell. Her novel, Shadow on the Crown, brings the little known English Queen Emma back from undeserved obscurity. Emma of Normandy, who ruled when Vikings still raided the English shores and the Anglo-Saxons were kings, remains in the historical record only in bits and pieces. Patricia talked to us about how she took those fragments and built them into her book and the long, hard slog to persuade a publisher that any queen who wasn't a Tudor would sell. Shadow on the Crown has more than proved her right. Definitely a book to read! We hope we'll see Patricia again next time she comes in from the Bay Area.

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