Tuesday, July 13, 2010



 The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing
From the Files of Vish Puri, Most Private Investigator, by Tarquin Hall
Simon & Schuster, $24 Signed

“Vish Puri, master of disguise and lover of all things spicy,
does not believe that Dr. Suresh Jha’s death was brought
about by supernatural powers. While he sets his team of
operatives—Facecream, Tubelight and Flush—off to investigate, he tries to ignore
the fact that his wife and mother are investigating their own crime. The second
book in this series set in India is a hoot!”

The Devil Amongst the Lawyers
A Ballad Novel, by Sharyn McCrumb
(Thomas Dunne Books, $27 Signed)

“Erma Morton, a beautiful, educated woman from the
mountains of Virginia, is accused of murdering her father in
1935. Journalists from big city newspapers flock to remote
Wise County to report their version of life and death in ‘them
thar hills.’ McCrumb has utilized a true murder case to set
the facts straight about her beloved Appalachian way of life. This is a novel of
passion, mystery and magic, as well as a wake-up call to the power and influence
of the media.”

The Left Hand of God
A Novel, by Paul Hoffman
(Dutton, $26)

“The Left Hand of God is one fantasy novel that steps out
of the mold, focusing on culture and character without the
razzle-dazzle of beasties and magic. With an intriguing array
of characters, plot twists, and just a touch of mystery, this
story will keep you guessing. Dark, unpredictable, and witty;
this is a real page-turner that will leave you thirsting for more.”

Pray for Silence
by Linda Castillo
(Minotaur, $25 Signed)

“In this sequel to Sworn to Silence, Police Chief Kate
Burkholder is faced with the slaughter of an Amish family of
seven. Her search for the killer takes her on a dark journey of
discovery and uncovers a disturbing realm of violence and
brutality. As before, Castillo keeps the pace quick, the story
compelling, and her manner towards the Amish reverent.”

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