Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Laurie R King

Recently Laurie signed her latest novel The God of the Hive and was surprised with a gift from Barbara and Rob...A Green Man. He was carved in France and appears to be from a single piece of wood.(See the image below)
You can see a webcast of the entire event at 

We still have several signed, first-edition copies of God of the Hive available as well as Laurie's very nice creation, the Birth of a Green Man Broadside pictured above signed for 25$.

About God of the Hive:
Russell and Holmes have worked together to solve the most perplexing of cases. Now, The God of the Hive picks up where The Language of Bees left off: with the duo and those they are protecting scattered to the winds, Scotland Yard after them from one side and a shadowy faction of the government from the other—in rickety airplanes above Scotland and on boats in the North Sea; in hidden rooms above London shops and rustic woodland cabins. Chased by those who want them dead, chasing answers to deadly mysteries, the consequences of what they find will circle the globe, and involve a man with a curious identity and a dangerous past. With the God of London’s hive watching them, it will take more than deduction if they ever want to see each other alive again.

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