Monday, November 23, 2009

David Jerome signs Roastbeef's Promise

David Jerome popped in after his TV event and signed his book Roastbeef's Promise: When Your Dad's Dying Wish Is to Have His Ashes Sprinkled in Each State, What's a Son to Do?($24 Signed First)

When Jim "Roastbeef" Hume embarks on a quest to sprinkle his f
ather's ashes in each of the forty-eight contiguous states, he has no idea that a series of bizarre and ridiculous adventures await. But nothing will deter him from fulfilling the promise he made to his dying father--not a brief incarceration in Iowa or a punctured lung in South Dakota.

As he travels across the country, he picks up numerous new friends, presides over the ultimate frat party, poses as a lesbian's boyfriend, and gives away a very pregnant bride in a Las Vegas wedding. And who could have dreamed that somewhere amidst the craziness of dropping ashes from a crop duster and finding E
lvis's toenail, Roastbeef would stumble upon a lucrative career?

Join Roastbeef as he drives, bikes, hitchhikes, rides the rails, and mo-peds his way around the country. This is one warm and funny road-trip you don't want to miss.

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