Monday, June 8, 2009



Child, Lee. Gone Tomorrow (Bantam $27 Signed).
Sandford, John. Wicked Prey (Putnam $27.95 Signed).
Grant, Andrew. Even (St Martins $24.9 Signed).
Hall, Tarquin. Case of the Missing Servant (Simon Schuster $24).
King, Laurie R. Language of Bees (Bantam $25).
Pears, Iain. Stone's Fall (Spiegel & Grau $27.95 Signed).
Cantrell, Rebecca. Trace of Smoke (Forge $24.95 Signed).
Rotenberg, Robert.Old City Hall (Farrar $26 Signed).
Pelecanos, George P. Way Home (Little Brown $24.99 Signed).
Larsen, Reif. Selected Works of T S Spivet (Penguin $27.95).

Trade Paperbacks

Kozak, Harley Jane. Date You Cant Refuse (Broadway $11.95).
Caldwell, Joseph. Pig Did it (Dell $13.99).
Harwood, Seth. Jack Wakes Up (Three Rivers $13.95).
Shaffer, Mary Ann. Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society (Dial $14).
David, Evelyn. Murder Off the Books (Echelon $12.99).
Talton, Jon. Dry Heat (Poisoned Pen Press $14.95).
Talton, Jon. Concrete Desert (Poisoned Pen Press $14.95).
Snyder, Maria V. Storm Glass (Mira $13.95).
Ure, Louise. Fault Tree (St Martins $14.95)
David, Evelyn. Murder Takes the Cake (Echelon $14).

Mass Markets

Bommersbach, Jana. Bones in the Desert ($6.99).
Box, C J. Blood Trail ($7.99).
Spencer-fleming, Julia. I Shall Not Want ($7.99).
Haddam, Jane. Cheating at Solitaire ($7.99).
Smith, Tom Rob. Child 44 ($7.99).
Barr, Nevada. Winter Study ($9.99).
Page, Katherine Hall. Body in the Gallery ($7.99).
George, Elizabeth. Careless in Red ($7.99).
Lippman, Laura. What the Dead Know ($7.99).
Hewson, David. Season for the Dead ($6.99)

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