Friday, April 3, 2009

These will soon be signed from the Poisoned Pen

Carol Higgins Clark signs Cursed ($25 ) on April 22

Cursed is number 12 in the Reagan Reilly Mysteries. It begi
ns on a cold and gray January morning. Sleet and snow are swirling as Regan arrives at a warehouse in Long Island City with a trunk full of her old case files from Los Angeles. After carting all her boxes into a storage unit, she heads back out into the snow, and her cell phone rings, leading Reagan to encounter a dangerous cast of characters.

Carol's famous mother in law, Mary Higgins Clark, joins her to sign a new book of her own
Just Take My Heart ($26 Signed)

In her new thriller, America's #1 bestselling Queen of Suspens
e delves into a legal battle over the guilt or innocence of a man accused of murdering his wife. Woven into her plot is an eerie, little-understood but documented medical phenomenon -- the emergence of a donor's traits and memories in the recipient of a heart transplant.Natalie Raines, one of Broadway's brightest stars, accidentally discovers who killed her former roommate and sets in motion a series of shocking events that puts more than one life in extreme peril...

Hannah Dennison will soon be at the store to talk about and sign her new mystery,

Scoop PBO ($7 Signed April 17).

Scoop is the new Vicky Hill a delightful new sleuth like no other...

Obit writer Vicky Hill suspects foul play when she learns of a suspicious death: a champion hedge cutter, electrocuted after accidentally slicing through a power cable. Yeah, right. To get the real story Vicky's willing to suffer through bad dates and mortal danger. Join us for afternoon tea on April 17 at 2 pm when Hannah signs her new book, Scoop and raffles off a basket of authentic British tea items. More to come...

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