Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jonathan Kellerman on Guitar

This last Monday we got Jonathan Kellerman to sit down and play a bit of lap guitar for us. The guitar was an original Weissenborn from 1920's which a customer had brought in and fortunately we were able to record the single, brief performance upload it here to the blog.

A bit of background: Jonathan Kellerman has his own impressive collection of antique guitars at home. He told us that Christie's Auction House, as well as staff at the local museum and university are periodically finding a need to come to his house and check them out. If you are interested in antique guitars you may like his book With Strings Attached which has photos galore as well as every spec on every guitar included.

The Kellerman's were greeted to The Pen on Monday night by a crowd big enough to give the fire marshall a moments pause. The webcast of them all chatting away can be seen at A couple quotes you can pull from the event are below.

"Don't wait for the muse, that's the surest way to dry up the well"
-Jesse Kellerman

"A book is still a pretty cheap thrill"
-Jonathan Kellerman

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