Monday, April 6, 2009

New Signed Titles at The Poisoned Pen

In the Dark by Brian Freeman ($27 Signed) earned starred reviews from both PW and Booklist.

Two young lovers. A sultry summer night. One brutal, cold-blooded murder. In this stunning, atmospheric thriller, Brian Freeman takes you deep into Detective Jonathan Stride's complicated past. This title earned a starred review from PW and BookList.

Schemers by Bill Pronzini ($27 Signed)

Bill returns with A Nameless Detective Novel. This locked room mystery goes from stolen books to stolen lives and the hunt for a phantom stalker with a penchant for pouring acid to make his point give Nameless and his partner Jake more than enough work to earn their fees-as long as neither turns his back at the wrong moment.

Bruno Chief of Police by Martin Walker ($27 Signed)

A First Mystery Pick in the UK edition and a fabulous blend of Alexander McCall Smith with Peter Mayle, thus French. One of MM's favorites. This is the first installment in a wonderful new series that follows the exploits of Benoît Courrèges, a policeman in a small French village where the rituals of the café still rule. Bruno-as he is affectionately nicknamed-may be the town's only municipal policeman, but in the hearts and minds of its denizens, he is chief of police. Barbara reports that this was My Mother's favorite 2008 debut and is just pefect for those who like sly, cozy criimes that are not sappy!

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