Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Jim Butcher Turn Coat Signed!

We have the new Jim Butcher Signed! Turn Coat (ROC $28)

Book 11 of The Dresden Files finds that the Warden Morgan has been accused of treason against the Wizards of the White Council-and there's only one, final punishment for that crime. He's on the run, wants his name cleared, and needs someone with a knack for backing the underdog. Someone like Harry Dresden...

Now, Harry must uncover a traitor within the Council, keep a less-than-agreeable Morgan under wraps, and avoid coming under scrutiny himself. And a single mistake may cost someone his head-someone like Harry.

from Jim's webpage starting Feburary 10th, he'll be posting preview chapters of Turn Coat (five total). You can find the full text of the previews posted so far here.

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