Monday, March 2, 2009


Mavis St. Paul had been a rich man’s mistress. Now she was a corpse. And every cop in New York City was hunting for the two-bit punk accused of putting a knife in her.

But the punk was innocent. He’d been set up to take the fall by some cutie who was too clever by half. My job? Find that cutie—before the cutie found me. The Cutie (Hard Case Crime $6.99) is the MWA Grandmaster's very first novel—published under the title he meant for it to have rather than the one it got: The Mercenaries.

Donald E. Westlake passed away last New Year's Eve. He wrote wonderful books under the name Richard Stark as well as, like other career writers of his generation (e.g., Lawrence Block), other pseudonyms. He will be much missed.

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