Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pain Killers by Jerry Stahl

From Patrick
Pain Killers by Jerry Stahl

All of Stahl’s prodigious gifts come together with Pain Killers, the hipster bard’s latest novel, a tour de force of noir depravity. Former cop and addict, Manny Rupert, against his better judgment, takes an undercover job as a recovery therapist inside San Quentin prison. His assignment: to figure out the truth about the 97-year-old German convict who claims to be the notorious Nazi Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele. Inside the walls, he encounters a white Rastafarian convict who may or may not be an FBI agent, Jewish members of the Aryan brotherhood, and a whole cast of similar degenerates. And what’s the deal with this hidden cache of WWI-era Red Cross narcotics? To say that Rupert’s mettle (and sobriety) will be severely tested is an understatement. Don’t miss this one.

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