Friday, March 27, 2009

Taking Orders

Hello to all readers. A brief digression from reviews...

I have consistently noticed customers looking upset when they realize they will not be able to make it to a signing held at the store. Granted, this is a bad thing but, on the bright side they can still get their book(s) signed. In my experience, people are amazed that we do this. We allow you to leave your book with us and we will get it signed for you. We will actually go a couple steps further than that.

If you are aware of an event coming up...say Diana Gabaldon's release of her latest novel in the Outlander series, but, can't make it to the event...You can call us ahead of time (those of you that know this can skip this post...) and have us reserve a copy of the book.

Yes, it is a first edition. Yes, it will be signed. Yes, we can have the author inscribe it to you. All you will have to do is call us, or even send an email.

In addition, if you would like a Mylar cover on the book we will do it for no additional charge.

Oh, and yes, this costs you nothing. It is no more expensive than buying the book at list price anywhere else.

So check the calendar at Scroll down the page and see if there is someone coming to town that you would like a signed book from.

We firmly believe that a signed, first-edition book can bring a book-lover a bit of joy. It is a treat to know the author dwelled on a page of your book, if for only a moment. This small addition, in actuality is not only meaningful and long lasting but a service we provide for those that choose to shop with us, and we are happy to do it.

Although, if you work here, it's a challenge to pick and choose or you can spend an entire paycheck pretty quick.

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