Monday, February 9, 2009

From Patrick

Norman Green, The Last Gig

"I've always admired Green's books, and he is yet another one of those excellent writers who seem to slip below the radar while inferior writers infest the bestseller lists. In this edgy series debut, Green unveils a new heroine, Alesssandra "Al" Martillo, beautiful Bronx-bred detective and muscle for an ex-cop-turned PI named Marty Stiles. When Irish mobster Daniel Mickey Caughlan hires Stiles to look into some drug runners using his trucking firm to move product, Stiles puts Martillo on the case. As she looks into it, she soon learns that Caughlan's 20-year-old son's overdose death wasn't as clear cut as everyone suspects. The multilayered plot takes off from there. Green does a great job of showing us the emerald underground of New York (he reminds me a bit of Thomas Adcock) and his new protagonist defies the easy stereotypes of the lethal yet emotionally vulnerable female lead. Highly recommended."

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