Monday, January 19, 2009

New Signed Books

Leopard's Prey by Suzanne Arruda
I'm a sucker for plucky adventuresses so Jade del Cameron's physical, emotional, and detecting tests in the post-WWI Africa Arruda portrays so colorfully are right up my alley. The photojournalist, animal wrangler (for zoos and safaris), and neophyte pilot (Africa was thick with them in this era) is back in East Africa here where a local coffee merchant's body turns up dead in one of his own drums. Jade's interest is urgent for her main squeeze, an American filmmaker and her flying mentor, is the hot suspect....

Face at the Window by Sarah Graves
Can it be that one of our all-time bestselling paperbacks, Dead Cat Bounce ($6.99), has proven to the first of (now) 12 cases for former New York finance whiz Jacobia Tiptree? Wow. Jake fell for a Federal style home in tiny, coastal Eastport, Maine and ditched Manhattan in a New York minute to lose her life to home repair and her heart to the town's pilot. And here she is looking into the murder of her mother, after finding her father in an earlier case. Less a puzzle than a man-hunt, Jake shows no signs of slacking as she continues to rebuild the house and a new life.

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