Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen

Award-winning author Bowen returns with the second in her funny series of books about a minor royal in 1930s England, A Royal Pain. Part zany comedy, part social commentary on the British class system, and part bloody good mystery!Another hilarious mystery featuring penniless aristocrat Lady Georgie, “a feisty new heroine to delight a legion of Anglophile readers” (Jacqueline Winspear).
The Queen of England has concocted a plan in which Georgie is to entertain a Bavarian princess— and conveniently place her in the playboy Prince’s path, in the hopes that he might finally marry.But queens never take money into account. Georgie has very little, which is why she moonlights as a maid-in-disguise. She must draw up plans: clean house to make it look like a palace; have Granddad and her neighbor pretend to be the domestic staff; un-teach Princess Hanni the English she’s culled from American gangster movies; cure said Princess of her embarrassing shoplifting habit; and keep an eye on her at parties. Then there’s the worrying matter of the body in the bookshop and Hanni’s unwitting involvement with the Communist Party. It’s enough to drive a girl crazy...

Meet the author Saturday, July 12 at 5pm. Show your royal flair by coming dressed in your best hat (we are having a contest!) and enjoy a glass of cold champagne and some strawberries. It will be A Royal Affair.

"This smashing new series set in 1930s London stars smart and spunky Lady Georgiana, who is thirty-fourth in line to the throne. She has a lot on her plate but very little in her cupboards. In fact she's flat broke. So when the queen asks her to entertain a visiting German princess, she's in a real pickle. The queen doesn't know she has no servants and is moonlighting as a maid. And the princess is not going to be easy: she's learned her English from American gangster movies, she shoplifts and she's throwing herself at Darcy O'Mara, the love of Georgie's life. And what about the body in the communist bookshop. Will Georgie be singlehandedly responsible for starting WWII?"

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