Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hear Poisoned Pen Press Authors Internet Voices Radio

Tonight begins a run of Poisoned Pen Press authors on Vicki Delany's Radio program, Internet Voices Radio. Beverle Graves Myers is on tonight, so please listen in if you get a chance. The show can be heard at . It starts at 8:35 and goes until 9:05.
Vicki Delany is the author of In the Shadow of the Glacier
Trouble is brewing in the small, bucolic mountain town of Trafalgar, British Columbia. An American who came to Trafalgar as a Vietnam War draft dodger has left land and money to the town but there’s a catch: the money must be used to build a garden to honor draft dodgers. This bequest has torn the close-knit, peaceful town apart. Then the body of a leading opponent is found in an alley, dead from a single blow to the head.

Constable Molly Smith is assigned to assist veteran Detective Sergeant John Winters in the investigation. But Winters doesn’t want the help of the enthusiastic rookie, and suspects that he’s been assigned Smith for political reasons – her mother, a life-long activist, is the leader of the group arguing for the park.

Egged on by a muck-raking TV personality, outside agitators from both sides are soon streaming into Trafalgar, while Smith and Winters search through small-town secrets for a killer.

Beverle Graves Myers is the author of The Iron Tongue of Midnight

In September 1740, singer Tito Amato receives a curious invitation. The German composer Karl Johann Weber is rehearsing a new opera at an isolated villa on the Venetian mainland. Would Tito accept the lead role? Puzzled by the air of secrecy that enshrouds the production, but attracted by a generous fee, Tito agrees. Artist Gussie Rumbolt, Tito's friend and brother-in-law, has also been summoned to paint scenes of the estate.

The two men find the countryside awash with the golden hues of autumn, but the bucolic mood turns menacing when a notorious figure from Tito's past shows up at the villa. That night, at the stroke of twelve, a soprano stumbles over a stranger who has been beaten to death with a pendulum ripped from the long-case clock.

With the local constable away on a boar hunt, the midnight murderer continues to strike with impunity, raising terror in the villa to a fevered crescendo. Ever faithful to the ideals of truth and justice, Tito pursues his own quest for answers--a quest that leads him into the painful secrets of his heart and beyond.

All the interviews are available in the archives for listening and downloading.

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