Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't miss the new Pelecanos, The Turnaround.

From Patrick:
"After a two-year absence, Pelecanos returns in top form with another classic. The Turnaround. His themes are always epic and timeless, but, like a true artist, he never beats the reader over the head with his "message." The main player on his stage this time is DC restaurant owner Alex Pappas, who, back in 1972 rode into a black neighborhood with two other white teenagers. The resulting violent incident left one of Pappas's friends dead and his own face permanently scared. Thirty five years later, Pappas is living a quiet life when he is approached by several of the men who attacked him way back in the day. Is it a chance for closure and healing at last, or might it take him down the wrong road once again? Nobody writes this kind of book as well as Pelecanos..."

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