Thursday, April 17, 2008

More for Passover Reading

Greenwood, Kerry. Raisins and Almonds ($15). Can Phryne Fisher exonerate Ms. Sylvia Lee of murder without drowning in the world of Jewish politics, alchemy, poison and chicken soup? Art Deco artwork enhances a series that actually needs no embellishment.
Hellmann, Libby Fischer. A Picture of Guilt ($15). Chicago's North Shore documentary filmmaker Ellie Foreman doesn’t believe that Johnny Santoro is responsible for murder, but she can’t figure out why she believes she knows him or believes in his innocence. Does her archive footage hold the key? Lake Michigan and its water system/pumping stations add historical and engineering interest to a well wrought crime. Meet Ellie first in An Eye for Murder ($15) where a murder in modern Chicago hooks back to WWII Prague and forces Jewish Ellie to revisit much of her family's past.

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