Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From Les

In the Small by Michael Hague is a beautifully written and lavishly illustrated graphic novel that chronicles the lives of a group of human survivors who have to face very real dangers and challenges in a new world -- one where humanity is only six inches tall! When a mysterious cataclysmic event, "the blue flash," causes the population of the earth to shrink in size to six inches tall, suddenly humanity has the tables turned on itself: The very civilization it has created becomes its greatest obstacle to survival. Animals and the environment, which have long suffered under the rule and/or destruction of humans, are now some of their most feared enemies. Amid the confusion and turmoil, the fate of humanity lies in the hands of two strong teenagers, 18-year-old Mouse and his younger sister Beat. The siblings emerge as the most promising leaders, eventually setting out on a quest to discover the secret that could redeem this strange new world. 'In the Small' is part sci-fi, part supernatural and very 'Stephen King-esque' in its story telling style. A truly amazing debut from bestselling illustrator, Michael Hague and highly recommended. Michael Hague is one of America's most respected illustrators, best known for his popular series of children's classics which includes such favorites as The Wind in the Willows, The Velveteen Rabbit, Mother Goose, The Secret Garden and Peter Pan. He achieved further widespread recognition by illustrating William Bennett's bestselling Children's Book of Virtues.

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  1. That is so not a photo of Michael Hague, but I agree, it's a great graphic novel!