Friday, April 18, 2008

Patrick's Book of the Week

Kent Harrington (signed book $35). The Good Physician.

"Collin Reaves is an idealistic young American doctor who refuses to take the easy route followed by his fellow med students. Specializing in tropical diseases, young Reaves makes a name for himself in Third World countries, treating and living among the poor. The CIA takes notices of Reaves infectious energy, and of his multilingual abilities, and hires him immediately.

Eager to help where needed, Reaves is disillusioned when he is assigned to treat the STDs of a Kuwaiti emir's private harem, and later to assist American tourists on vacation in Mexico. Enter Alex Law, veteran CIA operative (and protagonist of Harrington's earlier epic, The American Boys OP sadly) and known for his extreme but successful interrogation tactics. Law is in Mexico to investigate an Al Quaeda cell that is allegedly planning to smuggle a "dirty bomb" into the country. Finally, the "good physician" finds himself in a crisis of conscience when he discovers that the beautiful young woman that he's fallen in love with is a member of the terrorist cell herself. An important and timely look at the underbelly of the current regime's "War on Terror."

Harrington is a unique writer, whose bilingual childhood in Guatemala and the States has given him an intimate knowledge of US foreign relations in Latin America. His crime fiction combines the best of LeCarre with a distinctly noir sensibility.

The Good Physician received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly

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  1. dang, that's a good-lookin' cover!

    not a bad title, either, if a bit derivative