Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From Les

The new Chuck Logan thriller, South of Shiloh
Chuck Logan is best known for his Nina Pryce & Phil Broker series. In his new second stand-alone thriller and Logan's eighth book, South of Shiloh, Chuck Logan once again creates some very memorable characters. Paul Edin, a Civil War reenactor is killed by a bullet from a modified Enfield Civil War rifle during a recreation of the Battle of Kirby Creek. The local law enforcement promptly rules Paul's death an accident and closes the case.
When Paul's widow, Jenny, comes across new evidence that points to the shooting as the plot of a serial sniper and that the sniper's intended target was actually the local deputy sheriff, Kenny Beeman, she seeks help from her former lover and her daughter's biological father, John Rane. Rane, an ex-cop, together with Beeman are forced into a tense partnership to try and hunt down the assassin. South of Shiloh is a well paced thriller full of surprising plot twists and also fascinating insights about the Civil War reenactments subculture. This is probably one of Chuck Logan's better non-series books, the other book being his first novel, Hunter's Moon. The final confrontation between both John Rane and the sniper is truly tension-filled, edge of your seat reading. As such, I highly recommend Chuck Logan's, South of Shiloh to fans of both C.J. Box and Stephen Hunter.

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