Tuesday, March 25, 2008

From Barbara

Dietrich, William. The Rosetta Key (Harper $28 Signed). A new chapter in a Flashman type series set during Napoleon's attentions to the Middle East. Filled with mysteries, nonstop action, and an American youth with a limitless capacity to escape disaster, it's great fun and recreates an unusual past vividly and with vigor, combining science, military action, and some mysticism. Napoleon's Pyramids ($7.99).

Stone, David. The Orpheus Deception (Putnam $26 Signed). Picking up where The Echelon Vendetta ($10) left off, CIA cleaner Micah Dalton is on the run from his employers after an assassination attempt in Venice fells him but does not quell a Serbian warlord. Terrifying characters and a plot loaded with twists from Singapore to Italy. Love the final moment! Less cerebral than Silva, but definitely for his fans. Big recommend!

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