Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tammy Lechner Signing

Saturday, March 15 at 1:00 Tammy Lechner signed her lovely Chicago Cubs: Our Team, Our Dream: A Cub's Fan's Journey into Baseballs Greatest RomanceTabletop book. If you are a Cubs fan, this is your story..Or if you know a Cubs fan this is the perfect gift!

Photojournalist Lechner presents “a passionate photo documentary highlighting a 15-year span of seasons with the Chicago Cubs” who have “the most devoted fans in the world.” It begins its journey with the annual winter Cubs Fan Convention, travels to Arizona where hope is renewed in the fresh breeze of spring, continues into the baseball season to meet the Cubs players along with the “die-hard” fans of Wrigleyville, and dances through the decades of Cubs history and legends. Through some 300 photos, and enlightening text, both created by the award-winning photojournalist and Cubs fan, you encounter the essence of a spirited commitment. If you are a Cubs fan, this is your story, and it answers the question: “What is it about Cubs fans that keep them coming back for more…?” (The Cubs are in Tucson this day.)"

This is a great story about a great team and a great dream. It reveals the secrets of an enduring love and a magical journey. It is a story passionately told by a Cubs fan. And, it is about the passion of Cubs fans. I think that's perfect, because as they say, it takes one to know one."-Billy Williams, from the foreword.

Over the years, Barbara's mother, known as MM (My Mother), and other family members have been part of The Poisoned Pen. Now we add Barbara's brother, Clint Gibson of Paradise Valley, seen below on July 21 at Wrigley Field *

Clint, a lifelong Cubs fan, joined Barbara, Lorri, and Tammy Lechner to celebrate Tammy's book Chicago Cubs: Our Team, Our Dream

*Please let it remain "Wrigley Field" and not fall to some Sam Zell naming sale to corporate money. What a chance for Zell to become a noted Chicago philanthropist instead of just richer, no?

Tammy will be dropping by again on March 27. Don't miss this chance for her to sign a book to your Cubs fan. Just email sales@poisonedpen.com or call 480 947 2974

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