Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Literary Fiction Signed from Boston Teran

From Patrick

Teran, Boston. Creed of Violence ($27)

"After a long silence, the author of the cult favorite God is a Bullet is back with a remarkable novel blending literary fiction, historical intrigue and the mythic west. Set in 1910 along the Mexican border, the book features a young ne'er do well and fortune seeker named Rawbone. As revolution brews south of the border, Rawbone plans to unload a truckload of weapons to the dissidents in the oil fields but is foiled by a special agent, who offers to protect him, but only if he'll go through with the plan. Set against the stark and beautiful frontera, Teran's gritty and very timely yarn that will remind readers of Upton Sinclair mixed with James Carlos Blake and Richard Slotkin. As he suggests between the lines, the current conflict in the middle east over US oil interests certainly has it historical precedents. I am please to make this novel my final hardboiled pick of the year."

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