Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New in Paperback

Berry, Steve. The Charlemagne Pursuit ($10)

Rob and I had just been in Bavaria when the hardcover of this latest Cotton Malone historical thriller published. While it ranges from Germany to Antarctica as Malone, chasing answers as to why the supposed 1971 death of his father Capt. Forrest Malone in a nuclear sub accident in the North Atlantic was actually on a secret mission to Antarctica, and dodging the evil admiral scheming to become the next ranking officer of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stumbles upon an amazing, hidden civilization. Charlemagne, Nazis, ancient manuscripts, historical puzzles and scientific surprises figure into a plot rich as a plum pudding.

Birken, Gary. Code 15 (Jove $7.99)

Two brothers in her care die. Dr. Morgan Connolly tries to let it go despite her sadness. Then her father is killed in a seemingly random attack and the number of patients dying due to "preventable" errors-a Code 15-begins rising....

Bliss, Miranda. Murder Has a Sweet Touch (Berkley $6.99). Annie Capshaw knows the way to a man's heart is through his cooking class. Just as she and her best friend Eve are planning Annie's wedding day with Jim, her former cooking instructor and current boss, murder takes the cake when Jim's cousin Alex, a ladies man, is suspected of murdering a lovely suburban wife. Recipes.

Brandon, Jay. Running with the Dead ($7.99)

Texas noir by lawyer Brandon blends sexual politics, corruption, in high-school athletics, revenge, and a mysterious stalker in a legal thriller for San Antonio DA Chris Sinclair. She's coping with devious, vicious Malachi Reese, a murderer she put on death row who is petitioning for a new trial claiming the crimes were committed by someone looking just like him, and with a school superintendent she knows is guilty of murder. The overlooked Brandon is an ace writer.

Butcher, Jim. Princep's Fury ($7.99)

In Book Five in the Codex Alera series, we see how Alera and her furies have spent 1,000 years withstanding every enemy. Now the millennium is over and the dreaded Vord has come to Alera.... New in hc: The First Lord's Fury (Ace $26).

Childs, Laura. Eggs Benedict Arnold (Berkley $7.99)

When Cackleberry Café breakfast clubber Suzanne delivers a pie to funeral director Ozzie Driesden, she discovers him not working at the embalming table dead upon it. She barely has time to recognize his corpse before she is drugged with chloroform. There are more suspects than breakfast specials to crack in this case....

Cortez, Donn.CSI: The Killing Jar (Pocket $7.99). A teenager is found dead in his motel room, the cause of death: millipede poison. Crime scene investigator Gil Grissom must aid CSI's Nick Stokes and Riley Adams against a serial killer whose knowledge of entomology rivals his own who is not only using insects as the tools of destruction, but actually modeling the attacks after their behavior. CSI colleagues Catherine Willows and Greg Sanders meanwhile investigate a bizarre death where the victim was entangled with one group using and dealing crystal meth and another an avant-garde group of artists.

Dennison, Hannah. Exposé (Berkley $6.99)

It's snail-racing season in the small town of Gipping-on-Plym. When an early-morning call wakes obituary writer Vicky Hill from the arms of her dream man, an anonymous tipster tells her about the secret funeral of local celebrity Scarlett Fleming-coordinated by her husband, Doug. The entire town is baffled by the sudden death and oddly discreet funeral for flamboyant Scarlett. Vicky's suspicions heighten when she learns of the Flemings' shaky finances-and that Doug has almost as many admirers as Scarlett had enemies. While canvassing suspects and juggling three suitors, Vicky realizes she's writing not an obit but an exposé. A Vicky Hill Exclusive; Scoop ($6.99 each).

Doyle, Arthur Conan. The Valley of Fear (Hard Case Crime $7.99)

An interesting presentation of a classic Holmes adventure from pulps publisher Hard Case in its sexy style. A Pinkerton agent from Chicago infiltrates a brutal secret society and winds up mano a mano with...Sherlock Holmes. Try this one on your teen. And the Robert Downey Jr. movie tie-in: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ($4.99), showing Holmes at the height of his powers, a man with powers modeled in part after Dr. Joseph Bell: observation, analysis, and inference.

Fairstein, Linda. Lethal Legacy ($7.99)

Alex Cooper and her team delve into the depths of the New York Public Library and a rarified world of trustees and book collectors (the Manhattan rich on parade) as well as another fascinating historical site, in a search for missing treasures, fraud, and a killer....

Ferris, Monica. Thai Die ($7.99)

One of Needlecrafter Betsy Devonshire's regulars unwittingly becomes involved in a deadly delivery of exotic antiques upon her return from Thailand. It all hinges on a small stone Buddha.... Includes original cross-stitch pattern.

Forman, Steven M. Boca Knights $7.99)

A retired Boston cop moves to Boca Raton, Florida, and brings his unique style of justice to this retirement haven by braking up a Russian crime ring and taking on neo-Nazis in a one-man crusade.

Frazer, Margaret. A Play of Treachery (Berkley $6.99)

At the behest of his puissant patron the Bishop Beaufort, Joliffe journeys to France where he is to enact the role of servant to widowed duchess Jacquetta of Bedford. In actuality he's training in spycraft under the late Duke's spymaster. Then a member of her household is murdered....

Graham, Jo. Black Ships ($7.99)

Nine black ships appear captained by an exiled Trojan prince, forcing Gull-chosen at the age of seven to be the voice of the Lady of the Dead-to accept or reject her role. Excellent history in this fantasy.

Graves, Sarah. A Face at the Window ($7.99)

Three decades ago, Ozzie Campbell murdered Jacobia Tiptree' smother. Now Ozzie is about to stand trial. This suspenseful story revolves around Ozzie's master plan to make Jake recant her testimony....

Green, Simon R. Just Another Judgement Day ($7.99 Dec. 28)

There's a new sheriff in town and he's got the Nightside's rich and powerful quaking in their boots. The Walking Man's mission is to exorcise sinners-with extreme prejudice-in a new, macabre Nightside entertainment for fans of Jim Butcher.

Holt, Hazel. Mrs. Malory and Any Man's Death (Signet $6.99)

Mere Barton busybody Annie Roberts succumbs to mushroom poisoning. Mrs. Malory, as is often true, is the only person to find this suspicious. In Mere Barton because roped into to Annie's local history project, Sheila Malory quickly learns that nosy Annie had flushed out a number of dark secrets the villagers would kill to keep buried....

James, Steven. The Rook (Signet $7.99)

A baffling fire rips through a top-secret naval research facility near San Diego. Special Agent Patrick Bowers' unique ability to pinpoint the time, place, and special factors of a crime tells him that the arsonist had targeted something very specific. Is he, or they, or even she, a firebug-or a terrorist?

Johnson, Susan. Hot Property ($7.99)

To finish up her exposé on art collectors, Zoe Chandler has fled to a secluded lake house. Maybe her muscular neighbor Nick Mirovic could distract her. But he's reclusive too, haunted by his past in the CIA. Then a controversy surrounding her book brings trouble to her door....

O'Connell, Carol. Bone by Bone ($10)

Oren Hobbs quits his career in the Army CID to return home because he believes his father is dying. What he finds is that, 0 years after his younger brother Josh vanished, someone has been leaving human bones on the porch of his father's house and that his father is ready to bury both Josh and the past without further investigation. When the local sheriff is both obtuse and obstructive about the case, Oren reluctantly gets drawn in, stirring up memories for several troubled townspeople of this seemingly idyllic enclave. Oren must also face his own past and present crimes.

Pickens, Cathy. Can't Never Tell ($6.99)

Switch holidays to the Fourth, laser in on Dacus, South Carolina, birthplace of Avery Andrews where the celebration is complete with picnics, fireworks, and a dead body in the carnival's fright house....

Pinter, Jason. The Darkness (Mira $7.99)

A young man is found, his bones crushed nearly to dust before his body was dumped in NY's East River. Henry Parker tackles the crime-the murder of his surprise half-brother-in this his 5th case.

Porkpie, Jonny. The Corpse Wore Pasties (Hard Case Crime $7.99)

A burlesque dancer dies on stage during a show, inspiring its master of ceremonies to delve deep into the seedy and seductive bump-and-grind world the victim worked....

Rankin, Ian. Exit Music ($7.99)

Edinburgh DI John Rebus is at work tying up loose ends before his retirement when a new case lands on his desk: a dissident Russian poet has been murdered. Will Rebus resolve this in the few days remaining of his long and controversial career? Nice title, no?

Stabenow, Dana. Whisper to the Blood ($7.99). A terrific showcase not just for Kate Shugak but for the Park in winter, blows up around a series of attacks on snowmobilers on the Kanuyaq River, the open homicide of Park villain Louis Deems, a gold-mining company hotly buying up land, and some underhanded scheming... Trooper Jim Chopin and the Aunties can't quite steal the show from Kate. Loved it!

Woods, Stuart. Loitering with Intent ($10)

What better place than Key West to unwind? Manhattan lawyer Stone Barrington however is on rewind: looking for someone who doesn't want to be found....

Wright, SL. Confessions of a Demon (Signet $7.99)

After accidentally stealing the life force of a dying demon, Allay, now the only human-demon hybrid on earth, tries to satisfy the demon hunger to feed on human emotions while retaining some humanity by opening a bar.... Opens an urban fantasy series.

Zakour, John/Ganem, Lawrence. The Sapphire Sirens (Daw $7.99)

7th entry in a scifi-pulp fiction series starring Zach Johnson, the world's last freelance detective.

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