Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From Patrick

Looking for some fresh fiction? Then don't miss The Big O by Declan Burke, a book Patrick calls, "A hell of a lot of fun to read."

"At long last we're seeing a whole generation of Irish crime fiction emerging, and it's fascinating that an island as small as Ireland can produce such a variety of different styles - Bruen's brilliant, tormented Jack Taylor novels, Tana French's wicked psychological Dublin gothics, Colin Bateman's Ulster-set comic epics, and now Declan Burke.... The Big O seems to me a classic underworld caper in the same vein as Ray Banks or Allan Guthrie, but with a freshness and often satirical edge that distinguishes it from the lot. A hell of a lot of fun to read."

Read a great interview with Declan Burke

“Imagine Donald Westlake and his alter ego Richard Stark moving to Ireland and collaborating on a screwball noir, and you have some idea of Burke’s accomplishment.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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